Welcome to Section Five

The owners, Ryan and Sonya Patterson, are glad to have you. Please make yourself comfortable as you wait for your indoctrination. They will be with you shortly. In the meantime, don't forget your sedation and pain management cocktails. You'll want those later.

Your safety and comfort is paramount. Your guide through our facility is Naomi, who will do her best to defend you from any unforeseen difficulties. You'll find top secret logs of her activities on the menu above.

section Five

A Note About the Serial
Hey guys, I'm doing a quick update here on the status of the first book and where the serial will[...]
Marked for Death, Chapter 2
The earth-shattering scream maxed out the speakers as Daniel leaned over to the system and quietly muted it. The new[...]
Marked for Death, Chapter 1
Recruit 010777, Formerly known as Naomi Wasn’t it usually the incredibly violent and disruptive that got solitary confinement? I wasn’t[...]
Marked for Death, An Introduction
I'm actually writing this after I've already posted the first two chapters and modifying the date stamp so it shows[...]

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